Venice, the city on water, is a magical and fascinating place. With its meandering canals, picturesque bridges and historic buildings, it enchants visitors with its timeless beauty.

- St. Mark 's Square : Venice's main square, dominated by the majestic St. Mark's Basilica. Here you can admire the breathtaking architecture and enjoy a coffee at one of the historic cafes.

- Grand Canal: Venice's main canal that meanders through the city. A vaporetto or gondola ride along the Grand Canal allows you to admire the fascinating palaces, bridges and vibrant flow of Venetian life.

- Rialto Bridge: An iconic Venice attraction, the Rialto Bridge is an ancient pedestrian bridge spanning the Grand Canal. It is a perfect place to take panoramic photos of the city.

- Doge's Palace: a splendid residence of the Venetian doges, now converted into a museum. You can explore the opulent halls, inner courtyards and admire artistic masterpieces.

- Murano Island : famous for glassmaking, Murano is a picturesque island to visit. Here you can watch glassblowing demonstrations and purchase unique handcrafted objects.

- Burano Island: known for its colorful little houses and traditional lace, Burano is a fascinating place. You can stroll through the lively alleys, visit artisans' stores and enjoy local delicacies.